Episode 48: Andrew Donaldson on Afghanistan (Again)

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

It’s over. After 20 years, American involvement in Afghanistan ended as the last C17 took off from Hamid Karzi International Airport in Kabul on August 30. We are done with Afghanistan, but is Afghanistan done with us? What will the fallout be for America? Is our reputation with our NATO allies still intact? There are a lot questions that Americans should be facing in light of the end of the war for America in Afghanistan. In order to answer these and other questions, Andrew Donaldson joins again. Donaldson is a veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq and he brings a solider’s perspective to this situation. The perspective of a former soldier is far different than the partisan debates we are accustomed to and I appreciate Andrew for bringing more depth to this foreign policy debate. Andrew is the host of the Heard Tell podcast and Managing Editor at Ordinary Times. This is the second time Andrew has joined us. I interviewed him in June about the Southern Baptist Convention, but we ended with a short discussion on Afghanistan which is a stand-alone episode that you can listen to. This time we go deep as we ponder America’s longest military involvement. Episode Transcript Why the End of America's Empire Won't Be Peaceful An American Exercise In Washing Our Hands of Afghanistan The Roots of the Afghanistan Crisis? US Domestic Politics. Episode with Paul Miller on Afghanistan First Episode with Andrew Donaldson

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