Episode 45: Giving Up Our Shot- Dealing With the Unvaccinated

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Dennis does a rare commentary episode today about why the government isn't doing a COVID Vaccine campaign to encourage people to get their shot. Why is that? Why are we lumping all of the unvaccinated with anti-vaxxers? Why do we ignore the lack of access and past racism in how they give people doubts when it comes to the vaccine? Dennis ends with a plea to listen to a two-part episode on what really happened to Sears.

Giving Up Our Shot: Dealing With the Unvaccinated

Wherefore Art Thou, Leadership? Lessons From Eisenhower and Polio On The Covid-19 Crisis

How the U.S. vaccination drive came to rely on an army of consultants

Mocking anti-vaxxers on Twitter won't convince people to get vaccinated

What Really Happened to Sears, Part One

What Really Happened to Sears, Part Two

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